The idea for Kimedia started back in 2011 when I realised that I needed something to get my martial arts club organised. Although I was already running a very successfully taekwondo club, I wanted more! I thought how can I retain the members I have already and gain new ones at the same time? Where can I keep a record of all my data? and what's the best way to build a successful marketing strategy. So I did my research thinking and rethinking, talking with many of my friends, from martial arts artist to graphic designers, read every book and watched every video I could find to feed my idea.

I looked at management systems but they didn't have the features I was looking for so I started to develop my own Martial Arts management system. It was no easy task, I spent lots of time and money try to develop the perfect system, lots of ideas failed but I always believed I would get there. These failures were good, it made the system stronger and me wiser knowing exactly what was good and not so good. In 2014 finally I found the perfect developer who could see my vision and we started building this amazing management system. Even though my system is now up and running it is so versatile that I still have so many more ideas in my head to make it even better and the perfect system for all Martial Arts clubs big or small so everyone will benefit from it.

Kimedia now offers a tailor-made service to each of our clients based on your individual needs but our standard service incorporates a professional management system, user-friendly websites and a design for all your traditional business stationery such as flyers, letter headed paper, business cards..

Our payment system makes collecting fees by Direct Debit easy for everyone, making your billing easier, faster and affordable. Free up time that you don't have and improve your business efficiency by accessing the power of Direct Debit.

Coming soon I would love to look after any web registration events on your behalf and will be able to offer you the chance to broadcast live or offer pay per view for your events.

We are a very small team working and developing Kimedia but we are confident, focused and passionate about making you successful.


"Ki" means life force or energy flow and we take into account all aspects of your business when creating your visual identity.

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